Spirit Animal intuitive readings, cards and artwork


It brings me so much joy to say that my first release of Spirit Animals are ready.

It makes my heart sing even further to say that I am now available for Spirit Animal Intuitive Readings.

Would you like to know more? Read on...

Back in September last year I was my own guest speaker (as you do!) at a Conscious Conversation night and the topic I felt compelled to speak on was Spirit Animals.

I had no idea how deep the impact of this night was to have on me.

Bizarrely enough I don't seem to prepare my talks on these nights to the extent my Virgoan self would normally do. The energy in the room from all the beautiful Souls that attend carries me forward so fluidly I feel like my Angels and Guides are playing me like I'm on a podcast!  Which leads me to what happened on that night...

Moments before everyone arrived I jotted down some notes.  As I always do, I asked my Angels and Guides to allow the words to flow and to say what needs to be heard.

What I didn't realise was what was going to be brought up.  Memories from teenage hood and my solo travels as a 20 year old came flooding back and reminded me on how a few Divine creatures have played a huge role in my life.

My stunning encounters with Dolphins, a Stag and Butterflies were shared on this particular evening and cemented my thoughts on what a positive impact Animals can have on our lives.  To read more on this night and what I spoke about click here.

What I did prepare in true Virgoan style, is a gift for everyone that attended.  I asked for everyone's full name (or the name they prefer to be known by) and I asked my Angels and Guides to show me the Spirit Animal each beautiful attendee needed for that particular time in their life.

The response from everyone that attended on this night was beyond any expectations; I was overwhelmed by the response and the effect it had.

I floated out of the Studio that night as I felt completely and utterly Guided in the most Divine way; I was overcome with emotion with how an intuitively drawn and selected Animal can have such an effect on someone.

You see, I believe we have Spirit Animals in our lives that can assist us with cleansing and balancing our Chakras.

Each Divine Spirit Animal has characteristics that we can all learn and gain wisdom from, and each relate to our Chakras.

I intuitively draw all the Spirit Animals in my range and am guided to what Chakra they pertain to.

This is where my Intuitive Spirit Animal Readings come in.

All I require is a name, whether that's the full birth name or preferred name of choice.  I then meditate and asked to be Guided to the Chakra Spirit Animal that person requires.


  • Intuitive Chakra Spirit Animal Reading
  • A4 size print on 300gsm quality watercolour stock of the Animal chosen
  • Chakra Spirit Animal information sheet outlining the characteristics and how this chosen Animal can assist.
  • Chakra Spirit Animal Greeting Card.


  • It makes an ideal gift for a loved one
  • A wonderful present to yourself 
  • Someone wanting guidance for self love, growth and awareness
  • For help balancing an energy centre (Chakra) that needs attention
  • For someone needing a life affirmation mantra for daily guidance and inspiration
  • A special gift for a newborn or child


Click here to be directed to the products page on how to book in for an Intuitive Reading with me.

Warm hugs