At The Calm Studio we are all about Community.

Western society in particular has lost it's way in terms of a Community or Tribe.

We don't want to sound all cliche as the word 'Tribe' is flippantly used these days, but there is a real sense of 'un-belonging' going on and this is why we have created The Calm Studio SOCIAL.

We are so excited about these beautiful evenings where we gather, inspire and be inspired.

We will be providing a beautiful space, wholesome nibblies and drinks.

Simply bring yourself, your favourite non-alcoholic drink* and come join YOUR Community.

A place where you can share your thoughts, creativity, music or simply enjoy company of like-souls in you area.

These nights invite conscious conversation, a whole lot of high vibration energy and an opportunity to meet new connections.

At each Social Night there is either a Guest Speaker or a Raised Conversation whereby you can either contribute or simply enjoy the musings of others.

Exchange of $25 at the door is most welcome.

VIsit our Events page here to see when the next Social Night is on.

* I Am Healing Gifts, where we are hosting these nights, is an alcohol-free space.