Creating The Calm Studio was not only a way for me to help others tap into their innate creativity to help them shine, but it also keeps me accountable on practicing what I preach.

Creativity it what keeps me calm.  It's a form of mindfulness and meditation that I do daily to relax, feel in control and makes me a happier person all round.

There's been countless studies proving how powerful tapping into our innate creativity can be.  It's why I'm constantly studying art therapy and expanding this part of my practise.

This is why I've created The Calm Studio.

I want to show others that as a society we have lost the way to create. In civilisations past we HAD to create to survive.  By creating I just don't mean drawing or painting.  Creation can be baking bread, singing, building a glorious fire to keep your family warm or writing in your journal.

What do you do daily to create?  Even if it's five minutes a day, such as journalling, that is a form of creativity and expression.

A brief bio of me:

I have been creating all my life and professionally for 20 years. I started my journey painting murals and progressed to operating a retail outlet, an interior design business, retailing my art collections and now The Calm Studio from which I host weekly workshops from my Gold Coast premises.

My passion for sharing the joy of creating has come about due to my own healing journey and how tapping into my creativity was a way for me to find my calm.

I now share my art techniques which include watercolours, gouache, acrylic, oils, ink and drawing and I often say that choosing one medium or style would be too stifling for me!  My love of nature is evident in all that I create and I am always excited to find new techniques that I can then pass on to students, and I find such joy in guiding others to help them tap into their innate creatarian.

Warm hugs