Creating The Calm Studio was not only a way for me to help others tap into their innate creativity to help them shine and feel wonderful, but it also keeps me accountable on practicing what I preach.

Like many businesses, The Calm Studio has come about by default. Nearly 10 years ago my health, and that of my two sons, was deteriorating and as a family we experienced a rather significant year (okay, it was annus horribilis!).

It was through this period that I realised how much calmer, aligned and in tune I felt when I was creating.

Creativity it what keeps me calm.  It's a form of mindfulness and meditation that I do daily to relax, feel in control and makes me a happier person all round.

There's been countless studies proving how powerful tapping into our innate creativity can be.  It's why I'm constantly studying art therapy and expanding this part of my practise.

This is why I've created The Calm Studio.

I want to show others that as a society we have lost the way to create. In civilisations past we HAD to create to survive.  By creating I just don't mean drawing or painting.  Creation can be baking bread, singing, building a glorious fire to keep your family warm or writing in your journal.

What do you do daily to create?  Even if it's five minutes a day, such as journalling, that is a form of creativity and expression.

A brief bio of me:

  • I've been creating ever since I can remember
  • I started my creative working journey 20 years ago painting murals for shopping centres and children's rooms
  • I practised Interior Decorating for over 15 years
  • I can be a hermit at the best of times, but feel completely lit up after I facilitate a workshop (and then I need 24 hours of solitude to regroup!)
  • I've always had a passion for deepening my spiritual journey and the book that really caught my attention when I was 19 was 'A Return To Love' by Marianne Williamson
  • I have a passion to share love via my creatives pursuits with workshops, products and collaborations
  • I'm combining my passions for spiritual learning, intuitive art therapy and creativity with the Conscious Conversation Collective and I'm so excited to be sharing this awakening journey with such like-minded Souls.
  • The more I tap into my innate creativity, the more my intuition deepens.

    I endeavour to share all the knowledge I’ve gained, and continue to do so, along this Divine journey. I feel extremely blessed to be led in this direction as I feel my beautiful, happy and healthy family have benefitted from this enlightening experience.

    Warm hugs