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I'm beyond excited to share that FINALLY

the place to share, inspire & be inspired is here

It fills my heart to know that many of you have attended one of The Calm Studio's Conscious Conversation nights.  Often due to heavy workloads, family issues and locations some of you haven't been able to attend.
In fact, we have some very dear overseas friends that have been asking when they can join in the fun!

That won't be a problem anymore as the Conscious Conversation Collective (CCC) has been created as both an online and physical space, so you can now join:
Conscious Groups
Road Trips and
Retreats both in Australian and overseas!

What the Conscious Conversation Collective is...

For those that attended one of our last Conscious Conversation nights, you got the opportunity to meet Troy Allan.  Troy and I had confirmation that we needed to 'formalise' the inspiration that hit us when we first met.

Here's a snapshot of what The Conscious Conversation Collective is all about:

  • 'Gaining Enlightenment Through Community' 
  • Chosen Books and Inspirational People to discuss and be inspired by
  • Monthly group gatherings: join us when you can, share time with your community, inspire and be inspired
  • Be the first to know about inspirational Workshops and Retreats tailored to the CCC community filled with love, laughter and joy.
  • Guest speakers, downloadable art by yours truly, meditations and so much more!
To join our next Conscious Conversation Night please click this link here.

    Meet Sandy Cousens

    I feel blessed to have meet so many beautiful, inspiring Souls since creating Conscious Conversations via The Calm Studio.  They have become such dear friends so quickly and I can't remember not having them in my life.  Seeing many friendships and business collaborations blossom fills my heart with joy.

    Creating The Calm Studio was not only a way for me to help others tap into their innate creativity to shine their Inner Light but it also keeps me accountable on practicing what I preach.

    A brief bio of me:

  • I've been creating ever since I can remember
  • I started my creative working journey 20 years ago painting murals for shopping centres and children's rooms
  • I practised Interior Decorating for over 15 years
  • I can be a hermit at the best of times, but feel completely lit up after I facilitate a workshop (and then I need 24 hours of solitude to regroup!)
  • I've always had a passion for deepening my spiritual journey and the book that really caught my attention was A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson when I was 19
  • I have a passion to share love via my creatives pursuits with workshops, products and collaborations
  • I'm a certified Art Therapist and continue my learning journey with various courses
  • I'm combining my passions for spiritual learning, intuitive art therapy and creativity with the Conscious Conversation Collective and I'm so excited to be sharing this awakening journey with such like-minded Souls.

  • I look forward to sharing this spiritual journey with you!

    With warm hugs