At The Calm Studio we love reaching out and connecting with like souls

Come and join us for hours of enjoyment, learning, sharing, laughing and most of all, connecting with your self to find ways to find your calm.

The aim for our all Workshops is for you to gain the confidence and skill set to create your own artworks, craft pieces and special items (such as prayer beads and prayer mats). Crafting and creating other artworks is such a spiritual, personal practice so we are here to assist you along the way, and help you find your own style.

Sandy is also able to do workshops in Brisbane, Northern NSW and in other areas of the Gold Coast as well as Sydney. If you would like Sandy to host one of her creative calming Workshops in a space near you or you would like a very special Party contact Sandy here.

By purchasing one of our Workshops you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


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