Private Art Lessons
From my Sanctuary Cove Marina Village studio I can assist you and your loved ones with:
  • Watercolours

  • Inks

  • Pencil/Charcoal

  • Acrylics

I specialise in helping those who are new to art to those that enjoy it and need extra advice.  My main speciality is helping people find calm whilst creating (it's how I personally meditate and feel at peace).
I can assist with how art can be a form of therapy* can help us emotionally and there are particular modalities I specialise in that are wonderful in this area.
All materials provided to use on the day (excluding canvases for acrylic work - I can provide these at discounted rates via my supplier or please bring your own).
  • The first lesson: we get to know each other, what you want to achieve and finish an artwork.  Depending on what you wish to learn, you may have worksheets for you and you get to do this at home.
  • Lessons thereafter: we focus on either an ongoing project or curated lessons for each visit so you can learn new skills every time.
  • 'The Calm Creative Club' private Facebook group that you can join for free, created by myself, that provides what you need to know about materials, art therapy & hint and tips and encouragement.
  • If you are new to creating you'll be pleased to know that I supply worksheets and printed designs on various card stock (watercolour paper, etc) so the stress of what and where to paint is taken care of if required.


Private lessons, inclusive of all materials (excluding acrylic canvases) are $95 per person for 2 hours at Sanctuary Cove Marina Village studio.

Private lessons, inclusive of all materials (excluding acrylic canvases) are $55 per person for 1 hour at my Sanctuary Cove Marina Village studio.

Please note all initial lessons are minimum 2 hours and take place daily after 4pm only.

Students/Children up to 16 years: $35 per person hour at my Sanctuary Cove Marina Village studio, all materials (excluding canvases) included.

Connect via our Contact Page, or 0413808063.

*please note that this lesson is not intended to treat or diagnose a condition. Please consult your practitioner for complete care.

Private Art Lessons

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