Artworks and Wall Decor

"Ever since I can remember I've been creating.

I'll never forget being in first class (aged 6) and learning how to shade with pencil shavings! Oh my goodness. From that point on every colouring-in page was was the start of my creative passion.

In my mid-twenties I started a mural business and that saw me throughout Sydney working with various companies such as Westfields to residential properties.

Creating is part of who I am and I feel blessed that I am able to express a part of me in every piece I create. It's common for my family to see me sketching, painting or crafting daily.

I am excited to announce that a new collection is currently underway.  Launch date is yet to be determined but if you'd like to be notified on it's launch date please keep in touch."

Below is a small selection current pieces available - more will be uploaded soon. 

The Ascension Range will be forever close to my heart as it consistently creates a wonderful impact on the recipient and I use my Theta Healing skills to infuse the healing energy the recipient requires.

They all have a special significance, of which are listed on each description.

I am available for commissions and to discuss your design space and if you are searching for a piece for a client or your retail store/gallery, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to be help.

Artworks and Wall Decor

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