Why we decided to embrace this Beautiful Soul into our Family

Why we decided to embrace this Beautiful Soul into our Family

I thought I was a 'cat' person. I also thought I loathed slobbery kisses and fur all over my floors...I couldn't be more wrong.

Cue our rescue Border Collie that we embraced into our family this week.

'Charlie' who is 8 months old looked at me with 'those' eyes a couple of months ago via an online rescue pet website and I was smitten. Problem was, Charlie was already taken. I couldn't stop thinking of him, but prayed he was given to a loving family and I had to move on.

Well, a few days ago my husband happened to casually inform me that on his day off he was driving up north to collect 'Charlie' (my husband tends to do sneaky surprises like this). I couldn't wrap my head around it but just knew it was all meant to be.

Don't get me wrong. I got the wobbles on the eve of his arrival; can I deal with all the fur on my floors, the dirty paws and slobbers? Dogs sleep outside right? I've never even walked a dog before...what happens if he bolts and fights with other dogs? What about our cat Alec? He's a bit feisty (okay, a LOT feisty), what will go down in the house between these two when I'm not around?

The fur, the slobbers the dirty paws mean NOTHING compared to the instantaneous love I felt for this divine soul. I took him out for our first walk together this morning (my intrepid inaugural dog walking outing...eeek!) and he made me look like a pro! I forgot to bring poo-bags but no probs! Charlie even gave me the good grace to wait until he got home to relieve himself.

But why did we get a dog? Especially a Border Collie?

Our youngest son, who is 9 years of age, suffers quite badly from anxiety. It's got to the point where he no longer sleeps in his own bed, he doesn't go to the bathroom on his own nor does he even play in his room. It's heartbreaking. We've tried so many things to help him. So, apart from the fact that I've had this intense desire to have a Border Collie of late (despite not being a 'dog person' Border Collie's have always melted my heart), my husband and I thought that introducing a dog will be the best thing for our family, especially our son.

We were hoping that it would entice our son to play outside and not be so scared to do that on his own. That it might get him to be more active and have responsibilities like feeding the dog and ensuring he has a daily walk. That it might give him a new friend as he doesn't have many play dates.

All of the above and MORE has already transpired.

The night of Charlie's arrival, Andy played with him outside on his own accord, fed him on his own accord and even went into his bedroom to do his homework.

We are beside ourselves with hope that this autonomous, anxiety-free behaviour continues.

In such a heartfelt way, the first thing Andy said to me this morning as soon as he woke up was 'Mum, I simply love him'.

To be woken up to this statement makes it all worthwhile.

I'm smitten.

My floors are filthy.

My face is covered in slobbers.

Charlie slept in my room (okay, on my bed).

And I love it.

As I type this, my beautiful Charlie is at my feet, filling my heart with the utmost gratitude and love.

I will be forever grateful that he chose our family.

And to all the dog-lovers out there: I get you. BIG TIME.


ps: our cat Alec on the other hand will take a little while to get used to Charlie, so any tips will be greatly appreciated! 

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